Which Middle Earth character will Amazon’s LOTR be leaving out in season 1?

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Amazon’s Lord of the Rings is on its way, but much of the information about the series is shrouded in secrecy. While fans have been quite active in speculating as to what they can expect, there are some rumors that suggest a major Middle Earth character will be left out. However, there are other rumors that suggest that one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s most-loved characters from the books is slated to make an appearance in the series.

Who’s getting left out?

While the makers of the series haven’t confirmed the rumors, there is speculation that the character of Sauron won’t make an appearance in the first season of the show. Sauron is one of the series’ most important characters, so does it make sense for the makers to completely skip him in the first season?

Sure, some fans are undoubtedly going to be disappointed with Sauron’s absence in the first season. However, not all’s doom and gloom for the Sauron fans. It’s being said that there are more seasons to follow the first and Sauron could very well make an appearance in the second season. Some fans think that the makers are biding time to find the right moment to introduce Sauron to audiences as the show progresses.

While Sauron’s presence or absence in the show’s first season is something we’ll find out more about in the future, one thing’s for certain – the show is set to go deeper into the LOTR world than the movies. So, if you’re a LOTR fan, these are exciting times and there’s a lot about to come your way.

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