Are Adele and Rich Paul Together?

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If rumors are to be believed, popular English singer and songwriter, Adele, has been romantically involved with a US sports agent Rich Paul. He represents many prominent NBA players like Ben Simmons, LeBron James, and Trae Young. According to the reports, they have been dating for a few months now. The rumors were solidified when they were seen together in the public for the first time during a game at the NBA finals on 18 July. This comes after her divorce in March 2021 with long-time partner Simon Konecki, with whom she has an 8-year old son. A sports reporter even referred to Adele as Rich Paul’s girlfriend on a podcast, even though neither of the two has come out with any confirmation about their relationship.

Before this, there was an interview Rich Paul had with a prominent magazine, where he said that he was “hanging out” with a famous pop star. Although the report did not mention the name of the pop star, it was assumed that he was referring to Adele. Rich Paul went on to clarify that he was single and not dating anyone and that he was just spending some time with the pop star. The photos of them at the NBA finals were what added to the rumors. Their closeness and the happy faces seemed to indicate that there was a little more their relationship. However, it was confirmed from an insider on 20 July that they both were dating.

The speculation about their relationship was further solidified when they were spotted together on a supposed date at an Italian restaurant in New York, called Cipriani. The photos indicated that Rich Paul was quite attentive towards her and that they both seemed to be having a good time.

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