COVID-19 vaccines and infertility rumors to tackle.

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In response to the increasing infertility concerns regarding COVID-19 vaccines, it is important to clarify that the vaccine does not have any effect on the fertility of women or men. These vaccines’ efficacy has been ensured, and they have been authorized for use.
In the past few months, there have been several media reports when the population of reproductive age has expressed concerns regarding the effect of COVID-19 vaccination on fertility. They are wondering whether it is safe for lactating women or not. Even though there is tons of scientific evidence indicating that the vaccines are effective and safe, the false information has somehow managed to persist.

After getting their COVID-19 vaccine, a lot of women had heavy menstrual periods. This is because immune cells have an important role to play in menstruation. So, it is possible that the vaccine might alter that process temporarily. It is plausible that there are certain abnormalities to your typical menstrual cycle. However, establishing a definitive link has proven to be difficult. This lost opportunity for scientists has become an opening for all anti-vaccine activities. The gap of knowledge has led to this more successful case of misinformation. The misinformation about vaccines causing infertility does not have any grounds in data.

However, anti-vaccine activists have mutated it to fit their worldview or political message. The potential impact of the vaccine myths about reproduction and fertility are potent as they affect a large group of population. It has a potential impact on everyone and not just one specific community.

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