Did China Send IT Personnel to Myanmar?

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The Chinese Embassy in Myanmar has denied reports alleging that China is sending IT personnel to Myanmar. They said that these claims are groundless and called for dialogue and communication in the country to settle the differences and bring back politics to normal.

In a statement to the Global Times, the embassy said that the vital thing for Myanmar, as well as its people, is to work together and come up with a solution for their domestic political crisis. They further added that the key to this is communicating and having dialogue, settling differences, and putting politics to its normal track. In order to do this, all relevant parties have to proceed by keeping in mind the fundamental long-term interests of the nation. The Chinese Embassy said that as Myanmar’s friendly neighbor, China is playing a constructive role.

Western media outlets like BBC and VOA claimed that Chinese planes are bringing in IT personnel, technical experts and equipment for establishing a cyber firewall in Myanmar. However, China Enterprise Chamber of Commerce made a statement on Facebook that was later cited by the Chinese embassy. The statement claimed that the recent flights between Myanmar and China were regular cargo flights carrying imported and exported goods like seafood. Because of internet rumors and false reports, some people in Myanmar started protesting in Yangon, right outside the Chinese Embassy. However, the sources of Global Times in Myanmar confirmed that the relevant flight crews confirmed that these were cargo flights carrying goods and the reports from Western outlets did not have any factual basis.

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