Did Justin Bieber Scream at Hailey Bieber?

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One of the hottest couples in the town is the Beibers. Justin and Hailey Beiber surprised the world with their intimate yet grand wedding, and ever since then, they have been the ideal love birds. Justin and Hailey are often seen together. Hailey has even featured in a couple of music videos of Beiber.

What went wrong?

The Instagram accounts of both the Beibers are also proof of their passionate love for each other. They often post pictures of each other, sometimes cuddling and shouting out their love. Their recent trip to France was another sweet memory of their hot love. But, there seems to be a trouble in paradise.

Recently, a video became viral in which Beiber is seen screaming at his wifey. The video has many views and fans are interpreting their own versions of the same.

Fan theories

It was in Vegas and a lot of fans surrounded the couple. There was a lot of noise and so, it might be a casual conversation that got picked up as a fight. The Beibers told the media that they did not fight and it was nothing.

Many fans have come out in their support and told the media to stop spreading false information. This might look like something else and it was something else. This is why the video is so viral – everyone has an opinion on the fight. Let’s just hope that everything is fine in paradise. We would not like to see our favorite couple like this, especially when they have been such ideal partners.

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