Does Katie Holmes have a celebrity suitor?

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Since the breakup of Hollywood actress Katie Holmes and chef Emilio Vitolo Jr. in early 2021, she has been linked to many men by the tabloids. Sometime around June, it was reported that she was trying to promote a film, ‘Almost a Year’, which starred Vitolo. This sparked the rumor that she was trying to get back with him. However, Holmes is a producer in the film so it would make sense that she would want to promote the film.

The month of June also saw the tabloids talking about the possibility of a new man in her life, after she was seen walking out of the same building in New York with Alex Rodriguez, who happens to be Jennifer Lopez’s ex-fiancé. It was reported that the two were running in the same circles for many years now. However, it was later confirmed by Holmes’ representative that she was not dating Rodriguez, and that the two were in the building because Rodriguez was helping her buy an apartment.

After that, Katie Holmes has been rumored to be dating Olivier Sarkozy when she was spotted with him outside a restaurant in New York City. However, besides this particular photo of them outside a restaurant, there was nothing that would link them together.

It can be safely assumed that Katie Holmes is not looking for any man right now, as she is quite involved in the many projects she has going on. She has a new film coming out, which she stars in and has also produced and directed. She also launched a new production company recently. Besides this, she continues on her directorial journey with the film ‘Rare Objects’ and another, a miniseries called ‘The Watergate Girl’.

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