Does Phil Collins Talk About Attempted Murder in ‘In the Air Tonight?’

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There have been plenty of talks about how the iconic song of singer Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” is about attempted murder.

In one of his interviews, the singer responded to this interpretation. Collins also revealed that his dark emotions led to some of his most popular music. During an interview, the English musician mentioned how he began to record some songs at his home after the failure of his marriage. One of these songs happened to be a moody number and it is called “In the Air Tonight.”

The drummer/singer opened up about the not-so-pleasant emotions behind this song. He went through several emotions during those days after losing his two kids and his wife leaving him. He poured his bitterness and fury into this iconic song. However, he feels all these emotions are present in the song in an abstract manner,

Phil Collins’ response to Jimmy Fallon’s mention of the myth behind his song

Collins was invited to an episode of Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” when the host asked him about the myth of his iconic number. Fallon mentioned that the song was thought to be Collins coming across as a drowning man. However, it is said that the musician did nothing to rescue the person. Speculations are rife the man not only survived but was present in one of Collin’s concerts. However, Collins slammed the story and said it was untrue.

While Collins confirmed that it was only a myth, he also revealed his fondness for it. He said in the interview that he liked the way such a myth has evolved around his song.


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