Have Irina Shayk and Kanye West broken up?

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In early June, rumors about the relationship between Kanye West and Russian supermodel Irina Shayk gained momentum. However, the recent tabloid and celebrity gossip magazines have reported that they have split up. There has been talk that Irina Shayk likes Kanye only as a friend and never had a relationship with him. According to an insider, Kanye West had asked her to join him on a date at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, which she had reportedly turned down. This was because she did not want to spark any rumors about them dating.

Irina Shayk, who has a 4-year-old with Holywood actor Bradley Cooper, refused the invite because she knew that she would have been associated with him had she shown up at the Paris Fashion Week with him. She also clarified that she is not looking to date anyone and is very happy being single.

The rumors about her dating Kanye West first came to light when they were seen together at the 44th birthday bash of designer Yeezy in France. Both were reported to be staying at the same hotel, Villa La Coste, which is located in the idyllic region of Provence. Photos had surfaced where the two were walking on the beautiful grounds of the hotel together. There were also reports that they flew back to the United States together. It was after this French holiday that the rumors linking them romantically started. However, it was later confirmed that Irina Shayk only attended Kanye’s birthday party in France as a friend.

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