Is Blackpink in LA to Collaborate?

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BLACKPINK fans are anxiously waiting for some new music, and the expectation levels are at an all-time high. And who could blame them? Not long ago, Rose and Jennie from BLACKPINK were spotted in Los Angeles. It was even confirmed that the group was making new music.

There were also a lot of rumors doing the rounds suggesting that BLACKPINK’s new music would feature some interesting collaborations. During Rose and Jennie’s LA stay, the duo was spotted with the likes of DJ Haze, DJ Simi, Jaden Smith, and Moises Arias. And that’s where the rumors regarding the collaborations were born.

So, is BLACKPINK really collaborating?

While fans of BLACKPINK definitely can expect new music from the group, it’s still not certain as to which artists the group are collaborating with. Only time will tell whether their meets with the likes of DJ Simi and Moises Arias were for music-making purposes or just friendly hangouts.

During Rose and Jennie’s LA stay, Rose paid a visit to the creative director of Saint Laurent – Anthony Vaccarello. This has further sparked rumors of potential collaboration on the cards for the group.

Many fans also speculated that BLACKPINK’s LA visit had something to do with a possible reunion with Lady Gaga. After all, the group did feature in a song from Gaga’s album ‘CHROMATICA’ last year, with the song only having a lyric video. Others speculated that the group might be in talks with Taylor Swift. However, as of now, none of these rumors have been confirmed. But the exciting thing for fans is that they haven’t been denied either.

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