Is Kylie Jenner Expecting Her Second Baby?

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Kylie Jenner has addressed the rumors surrounding her second pregnancy after weeks of speculation. The 23 years old KUWTK star has hinted that she is not expecting. She filmed herself drinking an alcoholic seltzer drink and eating fish.

She started addressing the rumors by first showing off her flat stomach in her home gym while working out with friends. Then, she filmed her lunch where she was seen eating a fish ceviche dish. This was done in response to her fans spotting in her recent meal that she didn’t have fish in avocado sushi rolls. Mom to three-year-old daughter Stormi and the beauty Mogul then posted a video drinking a seltzer that has an alcoholic content of 7 percent.

The pregnancy rumors were sparked when during the KUWTK reunion, she did not take a tequila shot. Fans started to tweet that since she didn’t take that shot, she is pregnant. Some even speculated that she had apple juice in her glass because she is pregnant again. Then, fans spotted something else that they believed to be a clue to another addition to her family. They noticed that Kylie was eating sushi that only had avocado and no fish at all.

In 2017, Kylie became pregnant with Stormi, her first child, who she shares with Travis Scott. She ensured that her pregnancy remained a secret for nine months. When she finally made her baby announcement, fans were left shocked. She chose not to have her pregnancy in front of the whole world.

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