Is Selena Gomez dating Ryan Seacrest?

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On 22 July 2021, famous popstar and actress, Selena Gomez, celebrated her 29th birthday with her friends with a pool party, which was mostly an all-girls affair. There were many celebrities who took to social media to wish her. However, the shoutout from one particular celebrity stood out among the many. Famous television presenter, Ryan Seacrest, posted a charming picture of himself with Selena Gomez, where they were leaning against a balcony. Both seemed to be wearing complementary outfits in the photo. He also added a heartfelt caption to accompany the photo.

The fans were quick to pick up on the message, and since the rumors have been flying that the two might be dating. While some fans commented on how they looked great together, others were not shy is suggesting that both looked like a happy couple. Many fans suggested in the comments that they should get together and that Ryan Seacrest should ask her out. Another comment said that before reading the caption, they thought that the post was a “relationship announcement”.

However, it has been confirmed that the two are just great friends and that the birthday message did not hold any kind of deeper meaning. The two have known each other for a long time, and Selena Gomez had even discussed her publicized breakup with Justin Bieber on a talk show with Ryan Seacrest. There is no element of romance in their relationship. Besides, Ryan Seacrest is reportedly dating Aubrey Page, who is an Instagram model.

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