Will Spider-Man: No Way Home really feature these actors?

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Spiderman: No Way Home is on its way. While fans of the Tom Holland Spiderman series are eagerly anticipating the new movie, there are several rumors doing the rounds regarding the cast.

For starters, some rumors suggest that previous Spiderman actors Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will make appearances in the movie. If these rumors do turn out to be true, it will make No Way Home a Spider-Verse movie technically. However, it’s likely that this rumor won’t come true as Andrew Garfield left the Spiderman camp on bad terms.

There are also other rumors that suggest Jake Gyllenhaal will make a comeback as Mysterio. The last time Mysterio was seen in a Spiderman movie, he was dying. However, as he was dying, he mentioned certain ‘contingency plans’. What those plans exactly are is still a secret. But could it be that Mysterio is on his way back?

Alfred Molina is also rumored to be featuring in the movie, reprising his earlier role of Dr. Octobus from the second Tobey Maguire Spiderman movie. This rumor may have more weight to it than others, as it was reported by The Hollywood Reporter. However, nothing can be said for certain until and unless it’s confirmed by the makers of the movie.

Some rumors also suggest that Willem Dafoe is also set to appear in No Way Home as The Green Goblin. Like Molina, Dafoe received critical acclaim for his performance as The Green Goblin in Spiderman 2. However, the chances of this actually happening are quite slim.

So, as No Way Home inches closer to theaters, we can expect a rollercoaster ride and some exciting announcements.

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