Will Space Jam 2 be banned in China?

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Ever since Lola Bunny’s character received criticism for being different from the original, Space Jam 2 has been facing a host of controversies.

Now, there are rumors online that the movie has been banned in China because the movie is not scheduled for release in the country. These rumors began when political commentator and sports Journalist, Chay Travis, shared multiple tweets stating that China won’t allow the release of the film there. His tweets stated that even though LeBron Hames has been haggling for President Xi and remained quiet, the movie won’t be aired in China. This is going to cost the movie several hundred million dollars.

He also pointed out that the movie has been neutralized carefully for appealing to a China-dominated, apolitical global film market. But even with this, the movie has not been scheduled for release in China.

Even the director of the original Space Jam movie, Joe Pytka, has been frank about what he thinks of the sequel and how he found the soundtrack ‘insignificant.’ He spoke to TMX and stated that the movie took five sessions to get finished. He didn’t hold back and criticized the new movie. He said that Bugs Bunny looked like a fluffy doll you buy at a gift shop in an airport that you give to your child after being away for long on business trips. He even attacked the star of the movie, LeBron James. According to Pytka, even though LeBron is a fantastic player, he is not Micheal. He wishes that the movie should have been called something else and not Space Jam 2.

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