Will the Apple iPhone 13 have a brand new bronzy hue?

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The latest model in the Apple iPhone series, the iPhone 13 is expected to be launched in September. According to the rumors and leaks about the phone specifications, it is not expected to include any major design overhaul. It is expected to be quite similar to iPhone 12 in terms of models, size, camera and features. It is expected to come out in four variants- the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Although there will be some new features in the phone like an updated camera bump and a smaller notch, the latest buzz is about its color options.

The current iPhone 12 comes in 6 colors, which include deep blue, project red, minty green, black, white and also purple. Usually, when coming out with a new model, Apple replaces one color. However, this time around the color choice will be more varied. According to the leaks offered by the supply chains, the higher-end models of the Apple iPhone 13 would be offered in all-new colors like sunset gold, pale rose gold, and matte black.

The higher-end model, iPhone 13 Pro will come in a sunset gold color variant, which is expected to have a bronze-like feel to it. Besides this, the rose gold variant is expected to be pale pink in color, in keeping with the millennial color trends. The usual black variant in iPhone 13 Pro is expected to be matte, which will give the phone a more luxurious feel. This is a huge step away from the graphite color of the current iPhone Pro models.

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